Timothy F Allen

Summary :
I am a self motivated, energetic and hands on Instructor. I have the ability to learn quickly and to understand many
complicated items in my area of expertise. I am very knowledgeable in terrorism response and preparedness,
Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue (Vertical I, Vertical II, Confined Space, Trench and Structural Collapse) and
mitigation techniques. I have thorough knowledge of The Code of Federal Regulations titles 29 (labor), 49
(transportation) EPA’s 40CFR311 (environment), Superfunds Amendment Reauthorization ACT (SARA), Community
Right To Know (CRTK), Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), The Federal Response Plan, NFPA 471, 472, 472,
1031, 1500, Presidential Decision Directive-39 (PDD-39), The International Fire Code, have taken many courses on
Emergency Management, and many other HAZMAT related documents. I was an original member on the Illinois
HAZMAT Steering Committee, The Tri County Terrorism Task Force, The Tri County Public Health Bio-terrorism
Committee, the HAZMAT Coordinators Committee, Toastmasters International and the International Association of
Black Professional Firefighters. I have passed the IFSAC tests for Operations and Technician and in the process of
testing for IFSAC certifications in Firefighter I and Firefighter II. I am always eager to learn.


Professional Experience

1980 – 1986        Traveler Printing           Peoria, Illinois
Advertising Sales Manager

1986 – 1988        Viking Printing               Peoria, Illinois

1988 - Current     Fire Department            Peoria, Illinois

Promoted from Firefighter to Fire Engineer in April 1996

Promoted from Engineer to Hazardous Materials Coordinator in October 1997

Promoted to Captain in October 2002
 Responsible for organizing, developing and coordinating training for the Hazardous Incident Team consisting of
teaching firefighter courses, Hazardous materials awareness, operation, technician A & B, confined space,
HAZWOPER, HAZCOMM, WMD, terrorism awareness, operations, technical rescue, Clandestine Drug lab (all levels)
and many other courses. I am very proficient at creating my own classes using Microsoft PowerPoint. I have taught
firefighter courses at the academy to the new recruits. I am also a Hazardous materials instructor for Illinois Fire
Service Institute (IFSI). I am responsible for teaching hazardous materials personnel how to conduct an on scene
inspection to prevent a hazardous materials incident and investigate hazardous materials releases. I assign
inspections to HAZMAT Team machines and members. Process, inspect and monitor the permitting of city
businesses. Assessing risk factors in order to properly bill facilities covered by the city ordinance and federal and
state laws. Handle the reimbursement for a release through the spiller pays laws. Consult with other cities on how to
implement the city ordinance on HAZMAT permitting and teach outside companies to comply with OSHA, EPA,
RCRA, and DOT compliance. I also research and recommend the purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment
for the HAZMAT Team.

Fire Suppression Captain
2006 - current
 Responsible for the crew of Engine 4 at fire station number 4. Duties consist of EMS, TRT, Fire Suppression, Auto
extrication, HAZMAT, and any other emergency responses dispatched to.


    •Have made acquaintances and friendships with the majority of  major facilities in and around the area
    •Have learned the inner workings of different facilities and how hazardous materials are used, transported and stored in the
    production of the various products they make.
    • Raised the amount the City has collected from $23,100 in 1997 to $529,000 in 2000 and to a current average of $475,000 per
    •Increased the number of businesses accounted for from 73 in 1997 to 1600 in 2001 to over 3000 for the current years.
    •Tripled the number of Certified Technician A & B’s.
    •Handle all recertification training for the current members of the HAZMAT  team
    •Teach fire departments and other interested organizations the proper way to use monitoring equipment including SAW
    technology, APD 2000, C2 detector kits, M8, M9, M256 kits, Mark 1 injectors and many others.
    •Responsible for maintaining calibration on all monitoring equipment
    •Designed scenario for the 2002 Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety and city emergency services disaster exercise
    • Designed scenario for the 2005 annual WMD drill with the 5th CST, Police bomb squad, Fire and city ESDA.
    •Make up Hazardous Materials Classes using Power Point and Dazzle software
    •Teach all  new recruits  awareness, operations, Weapons of Mass Destruction and technician classes
    •Teach the HAZMAT inspectors the International Fire Code, the cities ordinance on HAZMAT  and how to conduct a proper  
    facility  inspection
    •Staff twenty-four part time inspectors, started with none.
    •Supervised two full time Hazardous Materials Inspectors as of January 2005
    •Handled and maintain all Tier  I  and II reports for the facilities in the County and surrounding areas
    •Revised the Standard Operating Guidelines for the city on Hazardous Materials.
    •Re-wrote the City Ordinance on Hazardous Materials which has become the new standard for fire department funding for the
    HAZMAT teams.
    •Handle all hazardous materials training for the Fire Department and any interested outside agencies
    •Teach Clandestine drug Lab Awareness and Operations to the Fire Department
    •Teach Hospital Decontamination techniques and  design mass casualty scenarios


 All outdoor sports interest me (although I really can’t play them all very well). I like computer games and I play many
of them with my son and daughters. I also enjoy science fiction literature. Two of my favorite authors are: Edgar Rice
Burroughs and B. R. Statom. I try to read just about everything I can get though, including many technical writings. I
like to travel, so every year the family takes a vacation to someplace that requires much driving. We stop every
night and spend time at all the tourist traps. I also like to karaoke a few times a month.


Certified Firefighter II                                                                                               
        Hazardous Materials Awareness    (IFSI)                                                            
        Management I  (ICC)  
        Management  II (ICC)                                                                                              
        Tactics I,  (ICC)
        Management  III  (ICC)  
        Certified Fire Engineer      (ISFM)   
        Certified Firefighter III                                                                                               
        Provisional Fire Officer I (ISFM)                                                                             
        Instructor I (ISFM)                                                                                                      
        Commissioned Fire Engineer (COP)                                                                   
        Hazardous Materials Technician A (IFSI)                                                             
        Hazardous Materials Technician A (IEMA)                                                            
        Hazardous Materials Technician B (IEMA)                                                            
        Hazardous Materials Technician B (IFSI)                                                             
        Hazardous Materials Instructor Training   (IAFF)                                                
            Confined Space Awareness
            Infectious Disease Response
            Hazardous Materials EMS Response
        Fire Officer I   (ISFM)                                                                                                   
        Radiation Emergencies Operations (IFSI)                                                                                                            
        Hazardous Materials Transportation Accidents    (HTA)                                    
        Advanced Hazardous Materials Incident Command (HTA)                               
        Hazardous Materials Site Operations (NFA)                                                        
        Chemistry Of Hazardous Materials I     (IFSI)                                                        
        Chemistry Of Hazardous Materials I I  (IFSI)                                                          
        Chemistry Of Hazardous Materials    (MSP)                                                         
        Chemistry Of Hazardous Materials   (MSP)                                                          
        Hazardous Materials Instructor Training    (IAFF)                                                
            Awareness
            Operations
            Confined Space
        Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection    (UWM)                 
        Hazardous Materials Technician  A  (Illinois State Fire Marshal)                         
        Hazardous Materials Technician  B  (Illinois State Fire Marshal)                         
        US Environmental Laws and Regulation Compliance      (ABS)                         
        Railroad Hazardous Materials Awareness Training     (BNSF)                           
        Hazardous Materials Operations Training                                                              
        Flammable Liquid Storage Systems           (UWM)                                                
        Emergency Response To Terrorism (Basic)        (NFA)                                        
        Inspection Training Course    (PFD)                                                                       
        Instructor II      (ICC)                                                                                                     
        Cathodic Protection System Inspection     (UWM)                                                  
        NBC Domestic Preparedness  (JSU)                                                                      
        Emergency Response To NBC Agents Awareness (DOJ)  (train-the trainer)
        Emergency Response To NBC Agents Operations (DOJ) (train-the trainer)    
        Emergency Response To NBC Agents Technician (DOJ) (train-the trainer)     
        Emergency Response To NBC Agents Hospital Provider  (DOJ) (train-the trainer)   
        NBC Domestic Preparedness Training    (NFA)                                                     
        Air Monitoring For Hazardous Materials ( MSP)                                                      
        Hazardous Materials Technician – Advanced   (MSP)                                           
        Emergency Program Manager   (FEMA)                                                                  
        Terrorism Basic Concepts (University of Illinois)                                                   
        Advanced Radiation/Nuclear Course  (DOJ)                                                          
        Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)                                                                           
        Radiological Hazardous Materials Response (IDNS)                                         
        EMT Basic/Defibrillator                                                                                               
        Radiological Emergency Management  (FEMA)                                                   
        Hazardous Materials A citizens Orientation (FEMA)                                            
        Tank Car Specialist  (Pueblo Col. Transportation Technology Center Inc.)    
        Orientation to Community Disaster Exercises  (FEMA)                                      
        Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel (FEMA)                                           
        Radiological Emergency Response (FEMA)                                                         
        Incident Command  (FEMA)                                                                                     
        Introduction To Mitigation (FEMA)                                                                           
        Mitigation For Homeowners (FEMA)                                                                      
        Animals in Disaster  Module A (FEMA)                                                                   
        Animals in Disaster  Module B (FEMA)                                                                  
        Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency  Management  (FEMA)                    
        HAZMAT Decontamination Team Training (182nd Air Guard & OSF)               
        The Professional In Emergency Management   (FEMA)                                      
        A Citizens Guide To Disaster Assistance (FEMA)                                                
        Propane Response ( IFSI)                                                                                          
        The EOC’s Role In Emergency Management (FEMA)                                          
        Illinois Bio-terrorism Conference (IDPH)                                                                  
        Retrofitting Flood Plane Residential Structures (FEMA)                                       
        Terrorism Awareness for First Responders (Texas A & M)                                  
        EMS Concepts for WMD Incidents (Texas A & M)                                                    
        Community Hurricane Awareness  (FEMA)                                                              
        Clandestine Laboratory Safety  (OSBI/NES)                                                            
        Clandestine Lab Site Safety Officer  (OSBI/NES)                                                    
        WMD Incident Command COBRA (AU)                                                                  
        WMD Incident Command COBRA (DOJ)                                                               
        Incident Safety Officer (NFA)                                                                                  
        Pipeline Emergency Response (Pipeline Group)                                            
        Respirator Training Instructor Class (3M)                                                         
        Disaster Services Training (Salvation Army)                                                      
        Leadership and Influence (FEMA)                                                                         
        State Disaster Management  (FEMA)                                                                   
        Decision Making And Problem Solving (FEMA)                                                    
        Effective Communication (FEMA)                                                                         
        Developing and Managing Volunteers (FEMA)                                                    
        Technical Rescue Awareness (OSFM)                                                                
        Vertical Rescue I (OSFM)                                                                                      
        Vertical Rescue II (OSFM)                                                                                      
        Confined Space Rescue (OSFM)                                                                       
        OHD Quantitative Fit Testing (OHD)                                                                     
        Exercise Design (FEMA)                                                                                       
        Vertical Rescue III (CMC Rescue)                                                             
        WMD Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders (Texas A&M)  
        Basic Public Works Concepts for WMD Incidents (Texas A & M)            
        Disaster Basics (FEMA)                                                                              
        Building For the Earth Quakes of Tomorrow (FEMA)                                
        House hold Hazardous Materials - A citizens Guide (FEMA)                    
        Special Event Contingency Planning (FEMA)                                           
        Principles of Emergency Management (FEMA)                                         
        Emergency Planning (FEMA)                                                                      
        Livestock In Disasters (FEMA)                                                                    
        Anticipating Hazardous Weather (FEMA)                                                  
        Introduction To Residential Coastal Construction  (FEMA)                      
        EMI Professional Development Series (FEMA)                                        
        Special Considerations for FEMA Public Assistance Projects (FEMA)    
        Incident Command and Control Series (FEMA)                                        
        Testing & Evaluation of Water Supplies for Fire Protection (FEMA)       
        Fire Service Supervision (FEMA)                                                               
        Community Safety Educators (FEMA)                                                       
        Emergency Response to Terrorism (FEMA)                                              
        National Fire Incident Reporting System (FEMA)                                      
        Introduction to The Public Assistance Process (FEMA)                             
        Public Assistance Operations I (FEMA)                                                     
        Introduction to Debris Operations in FEMA’s PA Program (FEMA)          
        Principles of Building Construction (Combustible) (FEMA)                        
        Principles of Building Construction (Non-Combustible) (FEMA)                
        Technical Principles & Practices of Fire Prevention (FEMA)                     
        Introduction to Community Emergency Response (FEMA)                      
        Advanced Monitoring (Docimo)                                                                        
        Bio Essay (Smart II) Tickets (DOJ)                                                                    
        Operation and Maintenance of the Multi Rae Meter with PID (DOJ)               
        WMD Detection Technologies (DOJ)                                                                
        Operation and Maintenance of the Draeger CDS (DOJ)                                 
        Operation and Maintenance of the MSA Passport  5star (DOJ)                      
        Use of M8, M9, and the 256A1 kit (DOJ)                                                           
        Operation and Maintenance of the APD2000 (DOJ)                                        
        Building Partnerships in Tribal Communities (FEMA)                                         
        40hr Industrial HAZWOPER Technician (U of I ILIR Dept)                                                               
        WMD Incident Management/Unified Command Concept (Texas A&M)                                        
        WMD Substances and Symptoms (DPETAP)                                                                                     
        Operation and Maintenance of the M18A3 Chemical Agent Detector kit (DPETAP)                    
        Operation and Maintenance of the CAM and CAM Plus (DPETAP)                                                 
        Operation and Maintenance of the PID MiniRae Plus (DPETAP)                                                     
        Operation and Maintenance of the SAW MiniCAD mkII (DPETAP)                                                   
        Operation and Maintenance of the MSA Passport PID II (DPETAP)                                                 
        National Incident Management System(NIMS) (FEMA)                                                                      
        Multi Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools (FEMA)                                                                       
        Introduction to ICS (FEMA)                                                                                                                        
        Coordinating Environmental and Historic Preservation (FEMA)                                                        
        US DOT HAZMAT Transport Security Awareness (DG Training)                                                       
        Introduction to Radiological Emergencies (FEMA)                                                                                
        Hazardous Materials Incident  Management (NFA))                                                                             
        Introduction to Air Pollution Toxicology (EPA)                                                                                          
        Intro to Risk Assessment / Management for Hazardous Air Pollutants (EPA)                                  
        Operation and Maintenance of the Ludlum 2241-2 Radiological Kit (DPETAP)                                
        Operation and Maintenance of the Radiation Pager-S (DPETAP)                                                       
        Operation and Maintenance of the Ludlum model 3 Emergency Kit (DPETAP)                                
        Operation and Maintenance of the Thermo Electron FH 40-G Dose Rate unit  (DPETAP)              
        Operation and Maintenance of the 451-B Ionization Chamber Survey Meter (DPETAP)                 
        Operation and Maintenance of the Themo Electron FH41B Multi-Purpose Radiation Meter (DPETAP)
        Trench Rescue Operations (IFSI)                                                                                                                 
        Trench Rescue Technician (IFSI)                                                                                                                 
        Radiological/Nuclear Course for HAZMAT Technicians (UNLV/Bechtel Nevada)                              
        Oil Spill Response in Ports and Inland Waterways (Texas A & M)                                                        
        Trench Rescue Operations (ISFM)                                                                                                             
        Trench Rescue Technician (ISFM)                                                                                                              
        Rope Rescue Technician (IFSI)                                                                                                                   
        Basic Air Pollution Meteorology (EPA)                                                                                                          
        Introduction to EOC Operations (IEMA)                                                                                                        
        Competent Toastmaster Award  (Toastmasters International )                                                              
        Citizen Preparedness: Are you Ready? (FEMA)                                                                                          
        ICS for Federal Disaster Workers (FEMA)                                                                                                    
        Hazardous Materials Prevention (FEMA)                                                                                                      
        Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command (NERRTC,DHS,SLGCP)                                   
        National Response Plan (Intro) (FEMA)                                                                                                       
        Basic Hazardous Materials (RRCC)                                                                                                            
        USAR Collapse Structure Rescue (NASA Ames Research Center)                                                      
        Advanced Railcar Specialist (TTCI)                                                                                                              
        Continuity of Operations Awareness (FEMA)                                                                                            
        Introduction to Continuity of Operations  (FEMA)                                                                                       
        WMD Awareness Training (TEEX)                                                                                                               
        US Homeland Security WMD Standardized Awareness (AWR-160) (LSU)                                        
        US Homeland Security WMD Standardized Awareness (AWR-160-1) (LSU)                                     
        Structural Collapse Operations (IFSI)                                                                                                          
        Structural Collapse Technician (IFSI)                                                                                                          
        Hazardous Materials Technician (TTCI)                                                                                                      
        IFSAC Operations Voluntary Certification Program (TTCI)                                                                        
        IFSAC Technician Voluntary Certification Program (TTCI)                                                                       
        Fire And Arson Investigation I (NFA)                                                                                                             
        Fire And Arson Investigation II  (NFA)                                                                                                            
        Fire And Arson Investigation III  (NFA)                                                                                                           
        Hospital Decontamination (OSF)                                                                                                                  
        City of Peoria HAZMAT refresher Training                                                                                                   
        USDA Aglab Live Scenario
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                          
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
      IS100 (NFA)                                                                                          
      IS200 (NFA)                                                                                   
      IS700 (NFA)                                                                                                          
      IS800 (NFA)
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                          
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                          
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                          
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                          
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
        Advanced Hazmat Recert (PFD)                                                                                        
        TRT Recert (PFD)                                                                                                            
        Confined Space Recert (PFD)                                                                                           
        Structural Collapse Recert (PFD)                                                                                       
        EMS Recerts (PFD)                                                                                                  
        Arson Recert (ISFM)
      Cpr Instructor (AHA)
      Confined Space Technician (IFSI)

Agency Keys                                                                                                                        

•      IFSI – Illinois Fire Service Institute
•        NASA - Ames Research Center
•        RRCC - Red Rocks Community College
•        EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
•        DPETAP – Domestic Preparedness Equipment Technical Assistance program
•        OSBI – Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations
•        NES - Network Environmental Systems
•        ISFM – Illinois State Fire Marshal
•        IEMA – Illinois Emergency Management Agency
•        IAFF – International Association Fire Fighters
•        HTA -  Huntsville Training Associates
•        NFA – National Fire Academy
•        MSP – Michigan State Police
•        UWM – University of Wisconsin – Madison
•        ABS – American Business Systems (government Institutes)
•        BNSF – Burlington Northern Santa Fe
•        PFD - Peoria Fire Department
•        OHD – Occupational Health Dynamics
•        ICC – Illinois Central College
•        JSU – Jackson State University
•        DOJ – Department of Justice
•        FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
•        ERTC – Emergency Response Training Center Pueblo Col.
•        Texas A & M – Texas A & M University
•        182nd Air Guard – National Guard
•        OSF – Hospital
•        AU – Auburn University
•        CMC – California Mountain Company
•        U 0f I – University of Illinois
•        NERRTC- National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center
•        DHS – Department of Homeland Security
•        State and Local Government Coordination Preparedness
•        TTCI – Transportation Technology Center INC
                             Copies of all certificates are available if needed.
Tims Resume