The Return Of Akivasha
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When a mighty barbarian king entered an ancient crypt to secure the
sacred jewel called "The Heart of Ahriman’ he unknowingly broke an eon’s
long curse. A vile evil had been awakened in the form of a beautiful female
vampire called Akivasha. Conan had encountered this woman wandering
the black, musky hallways and thought she was just a priestess or slave.
He asked her to lead him out of the caverns and thinking she was doing as
he asked he allowed himself to be led to her alcove where she confessed
her love for him. He was stirred not only by her words but also by her
voluptuous body and had decided to dally for a time, but when she bit him
the mighty barbarian spurned her! She laughed, telling him who she was
and the old legends that whispered her name ran chills through his frame
and the Cimmerian ran from her chamber, cold sweat on his brow as she
chased him through the hallways laughing in anticipation of love finally
    While he fled from the beautiful vampire he saw several priests in a
secret burial area confronted by what looked to be Khitan assassins. They
were arguing with the assassins over the very jewel he was searching for! It
was lying on the chest of a long dead man in an ornate casket. The mighty
barbarian watched in fascination as the two groups started to slaughter
each other. When the final blow had been struck and the last priest was
slain, only one assassin remained and Conan, ever chivalrous revealed
himself and offered the man his life if he would relinquish the jewel. The
man refused and Conan killed the man and reclaimed the Heart of Ahriman
which rested on the chest of the corpse. To the Cimmerians horror the
Heart had started to revive the man before his very eyes! The mans name
was Thothmekri, an ancient wizard of incredible power, but the spell that
revived him was incomplete leaving the wizard unsure of himself. Conan
seizing the moment had the un- dead wizard lead him out of the black
pyramid and to his freedom. Akivasha was furious that Conan had escaped
and had hid in the shadows watching all that unfolded. Her un-dead heart
had skipped a beat as she watched the barbarian leave the pyramid and
escape her evil desires, perhaps forever! Her evil mind formed an ingenious
plan to get the Cimmerian bravo for herself and it involved not only the un-
dead wizard but mighty Stygia as well.
The Return Of Akivasha