Apocalypses Orphan
If your looking for a great read, give Apocalypses
orphan a try!

The year is 2025 and a rogue comet is on a collision course with earth.
Death is inevitable. Man has decided to abandon the planet, huge moon
bases are built to house the chosen population and three large star ships
are equipped to shuttle as many people as possible to them. Everyone can't
go and Lotteries are made to decide who will be saved. Riots run rampant
on earth and rogue nations and terrorists vie for a chance to leave the planet.
Orlando 'Iron' Wolf is sent by NASA to observe the comet close up and is
trapped in the comets frozen atmosphere. His only chance for survival is to
be cryogenically frozen in the ships Deep Space Chamber. He is watched
through the centuries by Syn, the on board ships computer. When Wolf is
finally released from the comets grip thousands of years have passed. Earth
is smaller, due to the collision with the comet and a smaller earth has also
formed from the ancient debris and he names it
Earth 2. This Small blue
planet orbits our old planet, casting immense shadows on the surface of the
world we once knew. When he lands he finds himself stronger and faster
than everyone who has survived the ancient catastrophe and utterly alone
because of his immense size. His only companion is the female voice of the
ships computer. Can Wolf help mankind climb from the dark ages and once
again take its place among the stars, or will he be shunned and killed as an
outsider by the new planets rulers?
Apocalypses Orphan